Best Rice Cooker Brand – Zojirushi

Whenever it comes to the rice cooking, there is nothing better than the Zojirushi as per my opinion. Zojirushi tops the list of the best rice cookers. The brand offers the best mix of the rice cooker and technology. Armed with the fuzzy logic and the latest state of the art designs, the brand has a lot to offer to all the users. With a lot of options to choose from which come in the perfect mix of the quality and price trade-off, the brand has really gained not only the consumer base but also place in their hearts.

The brand has been delivering the best of the technology since 1974 and has been a constant cookware in numerous kitchens. Currently, all the devices are categorized into four categories depending on the capabilities and the features.

Category 1 – Pressure Cooker:

Zojirushi pressure cookerAs the name suggests, the pressure mechanism is used to make the rice and the cooker will resemble the traditional cookers in the cooking mechanism. The cooker has a pressurized system which raises the temperature so high that each grain of the rice gets the starch structure altered from within.

The main results of this action are that the rice is soft, fluffy and tasty. It even makes the rice easier to digest and thus is healthy too. For the people whose family size and other schedules and eating habits indicate that the rice will be consumed after a few hours of cooking, can rest assured that they will not be disappointed. As the rice cooked under pressure remains soft for a longer time as compared to the rice cooked via different mechanisms, they will find the rice still palpable and eat worthy.

Category 2 – Induction Heating Based Cookers:

Zojirushi induction heating pressure rice cookerThese cookers come with an induction heating system and millions of users and reviews say that the induction based rice cookers from Zojirushi are the cutting edge systems. The traditional and a lot of contemporary induction based rice cookers used the heating element at the bottom of the cooker. This makes the bottom hotter than the sides and the other portion of the rice cooker. But, the Zojirushi cookers ensure that the cooker insides are heated evenly for a better cooking experience.

One can say that the cooking pan of the rice cooker itself becomes the heating element and the rice is cooked evenly. This also enables the rice cooker to make the temperature adjustment more fine and accurate. The induction rice cookers from Zojirushi are also the micro – computerized or the MICOM cookers (as they are popularly known).

They are one of the most popular cookers in the market.

Category 3 – Micom or Micro-Computerized Cookers:

Zojirushi micom rice cookerThe fully armed display, a digital face and lots of control buttons will make these cookers easily recognizable from among the various others. The Micom cookers come with a computer chip which will adjust the heating and cooking duration on its own as per the calculations done by the thermal sensor.

These cookers from Zojirushi come with the intelligent cooking technology which ensures that the rice cooked in it is tasty, cooked as per the instruction given by the user and are digestive as well. These cookers can also be used to make the brown rice, sushi rice and porridge apart from the white rice. These cookers have automatic soaking and steaming time.

Category 4 – Electric Rice Cookers:

Zojirushi Conventional Electric Rice CookerThese are the conventional rice cookers which run on electricity. These cookers were discovered in 1950 and have been the first pick for the novices since then. The cooking is easy and involves putting rice and water in the cooker and pressing a button. These cookers were invented with the intent of cooking the white rice only.

But the modifications added later on made the cooking of brown rice and sushi rice possible too. they can also be used as the steamers only.

Thus, the Zojirushi offers you a lot of options to choose from. From novices to experts, there is one Zojirushi for everyone out there.