Pros and Cons of a Bread Maker

bread makerTechnology has made a hell lot of things possible for the laymen, and the homemade bread is one of them. I have been using a bread machine since past 5 years and never had a problematic day apart from the days when I was just learning to use it. But still, the experience has overall been a fantastic one. I agree that you can’t achieve the perfect texture and taste in just one go, but you can learn things as you go and will get better at making bread in your bread maker.

But, being impartial, I can say that yes, the bread making is not totally sans any glitches or initial days of problems.

So, I just thought to put down all the pros and cons of an electronic bread maker and make it a fair affair for all the people looking out reasons to buy a bread machine.

Pros of a Bread Maker:

Time saving and Delayed Timer

It goes without saying that it will help you in saving a lot of time. You don’t need to run errands to the store for JUST BREAD. All you have to do is put ingredients in the machine and wait for the bread to be ready. The bread makers come with a function of delay timer which allows you to put all the ingredients in the machine and fix a time when the baking starts in the machine. The machine will finish baking and you will wake up in the morning with the aroma of freshly baked bread.

Fruits and Nut Bread

Fruits and Nut BreadThere are a lot of models in the market which come with the dispenser which allow you to add fruits and nuts in the bread while baking. This will allow you to bake bread of different flavour. Isn’t it great that you don’t have to spend extra for the fruit bread or nut bread and that you can have at anytime you want.

Gluten Free Bread

Gluten Free BreadEvery time I purchase the gluten free bread for my brother when he visits me, I am never satisfied with any bread. I always have this nagging feeling that what of the bread is not gluten free as it claims to be and the allergy worsens. But now, with the various brands offering the Gluten Free bread machines, I can rest assured.

Easy to Clean and Handle

There are loads of models in the market which come with the easy clean options and are very easy to use. Even children can operate it. So, you don’t have to worry about the time you will be spending cleaning the machine once the baking is done.

More than Bread

You can bake pizza bread, cake, make jams, chutneys and a lot of other things in the Bread Machine. so, your bread machine is more than JUST a BREAD machine.

Cons of the Bread Maker:

Cost and Efficiency Ratio

The cheap machines are not good bakers and the REALLY good ones are not cheap. So, you have to really make a very good buying decision keeping all the things in mind. You may end up with a really bad model.


Perfect baking will take patience and time. You cannot expect to have the perfectly baked bread in the first go. You will have to invest some time in getting used to the machine and its controls.

And finally, the experience may not be such a great one with the ones who are NOT so careful while cooking. Little disturbance in water level will cause the bread dough to loosen a bit and the bread will not be that good. The baking smell may vary and sometimes the machines which are NOT sturdy or strongly built may even fall down the counter. So, the decision of purchasing a good bread maker should be taken wisely and after expert consultation.  Bread machine reviews at eco-chef can aid you in choosing the best option for you. Eco-chef is the most respected bread machine review website in the English-speaking world. Editors at eco-chef actually purchase every bread maker they review off the shelf.